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WJ Mudolo Foundation

WJ Mudolo Foundation is a Charitable Investment initiative founded in 2018 by Mr. Willah J Mudolo, his family, their owned & connected businesses, donors being individuals as well as body corporates, and various global philanthropies sharing similar objectives and philosophy as the Foundation. Empowerment of the people, in both individual as well as communal capacities rests as the fundamental ideology of the Foundation, which underpins all of its projects.

Our Mission

To bring about socio-economic reforms for the benefit of disadvantaged groups in order to turn the vision of flourishing African lives individually as well as collectively into reality.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the African communities by striving to achieve health, education, self-sufficiency, productivity, innovation, mentorship and opportunities for the African peoples, and to flourish them both individually and collectively.

Our policy

WJ Mudolo Foundation has formulated calculated and prudent schemes to achieve its long-standing mission of “bringing about socio-economic reforms for the benefit of disadvantaged groups in order to turn the vision of flourishing African lives individually as well as collectively into reality.

Our Strategic Model Operates In Light Of Our Ideology As Per The Following Guidelines:​

Thinking beyond short-lived and transient measures, we aim to bring about enduring and lasting changes which enhance the potential and promote the growth of individuals as well as communities under our patronage. Settling with impermanent solutions such as short-term finances to alleviate poverty find no place in our approach, making us strive to enable communities to become self-sufficient in the longer run. Care for the African land and its inhabitants is deep-rooted in the Foundation’s philosophy.

The diversity boasted by communities in Africa is to be taken pride of, which gives rise to stronger bonds and relationships between individuals and communities. Acceptance and reverence of such differences shall be respected and encouraged at all platforms, benefiting all economically, socially, politically and culturally.


We believe in developing symbiotic relationships with our strategic partners, communities and philanthropic concerns having analogous objects by collaborating with them.

Orienting the communities onto the paths of self-sufficiency, independence and self-reliance is our prime goal, the accomplishment of which requires ground-level functioning in order to allow communities to identify and bring about transformative initiatives.


All operations and projects are executed while keeping the notions of fair and equal treatment of all African nationals in due regard. Collaborations and partnerships are subject to strict observance of ethical conduct in furtherance of our objectives allegiantly.


It remains impressed upon the Foundation’s philosophy that the leadership and governance of organizations touching upon the matters impacting the communal lives of the African youth and women must be open for due participation and meaningful representation by the youths and women of Africa themselves.


Strict observance and supervision characterize our approach to project oversight, ensuring transparency and accountability in every initiative we financially support.


We advocate for regular superintendence, either directly or through external bodies and partners, to assess and enhance the impact of sponsored initiatives throughout the funding period.


Our Team

Meet the passionate and experienced individuals behind the WJ Mudolo Foundation.

Dr. Kobi Ludwin
Dr. Kobi Ludwin oversees project implementation and resource allocation, leveraging his extensive experience in international business ventures. With an MBA and ongoing pursuit of a PhD in Emergency Medicine, he brings strategic management skills and healthcare expertise to the foundation's initiatives.
Mr. Daniel Phiri
Co-Chairman and Head of Communications
As Co-chairman and Head of Communications, Mr. Daniel Phiri drives the foundation's visibility through comprehensive communication strategies. Beyond his role, he's an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and speaker, inspiring individuals through his diverse skill set and extensive body of published works.
Dr. Judith Ogolla
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Judith Ogolla, CEO, provides visionary leadership, leveraging over two decades of experience in project management and strategic planning. With a background in social enterprise and academia, she spearheads initiatives for sustainable development and societal impact, driving positive change in communities.
Ms. Namwinga Mudolo
Director of Projects Outreach
Ms. Namwinga Mudolo crafts strategic plans and forges partnerships to amplify the foundation's impact. Her background in operations management enhances her role as she coordinates outreach initiatives and fosters collaboration with local organizations.
Mr. Samuel Pather
Director of Logistics
Mr. Samuel Pather ensures efficient coordination of logistical operations, drawing on his extensive executive experience in various business sectors. His commitment to integrity and continuous learning drives effective resource management, supporting the foundation's programs and initiatives.
Mrs. Caroline A. Oduor
Director of Human Resources and Administration
As Director of Human Resources and Administration, Mrs. Caroline A. Oduor fosters positive work environments and promotes mental wellness within the foundation. Her leadership extends from overseeing HR functions to championing initiatives for food security, reflecting her dedication to social welfare.
Ms. Micaela Anna de Leon
Director of Impact and Sustainability
Ms. Micaela Anna de Leon devises strategies to evaluate and enhance the efficacy of the foundation's programs. With expertise in international business consultancy, she drives impactful outcomes, contributing significantly to sustainable development initiatives.
Mrs. Philomena B. Koech (EBS)
Director of Programs
Mrs. Philomena B. Koech leverages over 42 years of public service experience to oversee international initiatives aligned with the foundation's mission. Her visionary leadership and commitment to community empowerment drive impactful change, fostering sustainable development in Africa and beyond.
Mr. Chizah Kanaiya
Chief Finance Officer
Chizah Kanaiya provides strategic financial leadership at the WJ Mudolo Foundation, overseeing finances, assets, and resource management. He ensures effective financial planning and compliance, contributing to the foundation's sustainability. With roles in organizations like Rising Petroleum and SPH Group, and 25 years at The Associated Press, his extensive experience spans finance and administration. He holds a BSc in International Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant.
Mr. Paul Thulebona Ndlovu
Community Development Manager
Mr. Paul Thulebona Ndlovu facilitates community-based initiatives and identifies new business opportunities, reflecting his proactive approach and dedication to social impact. With a background in banking and community engagement, he plays a pivotal role in enhancing welfare and fostering sustainable development.

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