Agricultural Mechanization And Inputs Facilitation

This is one of our current new projects under development. These are being delivered in partnership with a variety of organisations including charities, social enterprises, private sector companies and government agencies.

Over 50% of Zambia’s work force works in agriculture, however; that sectors productivity is low meaning many farmers and other sector workers cannot make a living that supports their families. The resulting poverty and undernourishment and challenges to overall food security hinders all other development initiatives.


The project will build a community school, health centre and facilities to support the children and provide the needed care. The project is targeting 300 orphans and vulnerable children infected and affect by HIV/AIDS of ages 6- 12. The project once completed shall bring economic hope, restore direction, prevent early marriage amongst girls, provide some form of healing for the children who are vulnerable and abused and give them a healthy environment for their dignity and worth to blossom

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