Zambia News- Change Of Date For Fruit & Energy Tree Planting

We have an important update regarding our highly anticipated #2BFruitTreesBy2030 initiative launch. The WJ Mudolo Foundation is excited to announce that the launch celebration will now be held on 4th June 2024, instead of the initially planned date of 5th June.

This adjustment has been made to accommodate the Zambian government’s celebration of World Environment Day on the 5th of June. The government is keen to mark this significant global event with a series of activities aimed at promoting environmental conservation and sustainability. By rescheduling our launch to the 4th of June, we ensure that both events receive the attention and participation they deserve.

“We are more than happy to have the government join us in celebrating World Environment Day 2024″. Said WJ Mudolo Foundation Patron Mr. Duncan Oduor. ” This seamless alignment of our initiative with the government’s activities creates a powerful, two-day celebration dedicated to environmental stewardship. It’s a double win for the environment! Our event on the 4th of June will set the stage for the government’s celebrations on the 5th, creating a continuous wave of environmental action and awareness.”

We call upon the public to turn up in large numbers on 4th June at. Let’s come together to change the narrative for our environment by planting fruit and energy trees as a sustainable alternative to traditional tree planting.

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